A little bit of France in a truck! C'est si Bon Shop is a mobile shop, carrying adorable goods for your kitchen, bath, and home. Beautifully curated and displayed, you will always find something you love in our fabulous assortment. Visit us at Denver's local markets or book the truck for an event! 

the story


August 9, 2015 | 3:00 am

"Hey honey, we have three kids under 7. I really think it would be great if I bought
an old Frito Lay truck and started a new business. What do you think?"

Erin Martin had a cool Grandma growing up. The kind of genuine character who’d show up with a gift, just for you, and “just because it’s Tuesday.” This groovy granny coupled with her decade-long background in event planning has a lot to do with why Erin started C’est si Bon, a mobile retail store filled with unique and refined gifts for a seemingly endless supply of occasions. Those who value the power of a thoughtful gift will appreciate the curated offerings found inside, where the truck’s French Countryside aesthetic extends to a vast variety of sophisticated, yet utilitarian gift options. One look inside and it’s hard to imagine that before becoming the official C’est Si Bon mobile retail store, this boutique on wheels was a Dorito™ truck. Still has the Frito-Lay keychain. Frito-Lay, that’s French, right?  




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